Model extension for TruckLine.

The self-propelled feed mixer SILOKING TruckLine e.0 eTruck 1408 with 100 % electric drive is now on the market with hopper capacities of 10 m³ and 14 m³, too.

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Two models, with a hopper capacity of 10 m³ and one mixing auger and with 14 m³ and two mixing augers complement the model with 8 m³. The 100 % electric drive for driving and mixing is ensured by a particulary powerful battery. This means no exhaust gases in the barn for animals and humans. One battery charge is sufficient for up to 5 mixes per day.

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“The high demand for the eTruck has encouraged us to continue our intensive development work of many years in this future market. With the new choice of models we can offer the farmers individual solutions adapted to the specific on-farm requirements“, SILOKING owner and Managing Director Georg Mayer said.


Powerful, manoeuvrable and quick
With its compact dimensions and a rear steering with a minimum turning radius, all three models are de-signed for farms with narrow barns and low buildings. The 8-m³ model with two-sided discharge has a height of 2.25 m and a width of 2.23 m, the 10-m³ model has a height of 2.6 m and a width of 2.23 m, and the 14-m³ model shows a height of 2.38 m and a width of 2.42 m.

SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 800x600 

A strong mixing drive ensures breaking up of round bales, a homogeneous mix and quick emptying. Thanks to the integration of the traction drive into the front axle, even slopes are no problem for the machines with 100 % electric drive. The infinitely variable control achieves a driving speed of up to 20 km/h.

The combination of a self-propelled and electric feed mixer is ideal for farms with an existing loading technology. The self-propelled machine therefore replaces the pull tractor. In addition, the farmer can use the energy from photovoltaics, biogas installations and wind energy to charge the eTruck.

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