A success story: 2.000 SILOKING Self-propelled delivered

SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH celebrates a milestone with the self-propelled in 2019 / Focus on new markets.

First one thousand, then two thousand, now continuing to reach new heights: Between 2004 and 2019, SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH has delivered two thousand self-propelled from Tittmoning in Bavaria into the whole world. Since the launch in 2004, the feeding specialist has developed into the market leader in Germany and is expanding its advance in Germany and worldwide. Saving work, precision and comfort keep being top priorities.

Siloking 2000 DJI 0047 1200SILOKING Managers who have been playing a part in the success of the self-propelled since 2004, from left to right: Jürgen Schuster (Customer service management), Johann Felber (Product development management), Sascha Behrend (Sales manager), Florian Schörgnhofer (Factory manager), Margit and Georg Mayer (Owner).


Milestone in 15-year story of self-propelled

The success story started in 2004 at EuroTier in Hanover when the feeding technology specialists presented the first SILOKING Self-propelled with 3-point-chassis to the astonished exhibition visitors. This pioneering achievement was the result of several years of development, combined with a lot of practical experience from dairy farming. “A machine that can load, mix, drive and present feed“ – this is how Sascha Behrend, today SILOKING’s sales manager, presented the innovation. It convinced even the expert jury and was awarded the DLG gold medal.


Self-propelled is core business

“It is our aim to extend the core business as the market for self-propelled is growing continuously. With our comprehensive product range and equipment versions we can offer the solutions for any requirements worldwide”, Sascha Behrend continued.

The growth is based on individual farms’ specializing  ̶  less time, more precision, more comfort. Feed costs are getting more and more important, too. Here, the efficient use of the self-propelled can play to its strengths, with exact feed loading and minimal feed losses.

“Our machines face the challenge of extreme climate conditions worldwide, on 365 days a year“, Sascha Behrend declared.

In Feed Centers in Israel for example, temperatures often rise to + 50 °C. In Nowosibirsk, Russia, they drop to - 40 °C in winter. In other parts of the world where the self-propelled have been operating successfully for years, there are other demanding climatic and geographic conditions.


Siloking 2000 DJI 0071 1200The SelfLine 4.0 ranges – Compact, Premium, System 500+ and System 1000+.


Biggest product range on the market – Service worldwide

For the market leader of self-propelled feed mixers, further growth is a matter of course. The chances are good as SILOKING is offering the biggest product range on the market, from the smallest Compact range via Premium down to System 500+ and 1000+.

Our own sales and service subsidiaries in Russia, Brazil and China as well as the dense dealer network ensure quick and reliable support around the world. Good aftersales service goes without saying. The customer service is available 24 h on 365 days. On top of this, there is the dense network of sales and service partners all over the world.

“Here, we would like to praise all our importers and dealers who service the machines 24 hours per day and seven days per week“, customer service manager Jürgen Schuster said.

2.000 Self-propelled – each SILOKING customer contributes to the success story, in line with the campaign slogan: “#be part of the success”. For customers continuing to be satisfied, SILOKING will invest a lot of energy into development also in the future.



The most important figures in short:

2004                Presentation of SILOKING Self-propelled at EuroTier
                         DLG gold medal award

2008                Extension of the model range by SILOKING SelfLine Premium

2009                Extension of the model range by SILOKING SelfLine System 1000+ with 32 m³

2014                Milestone: 1.000 Self-propelled sold

2015                Extension of the model range by SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 System 500+

2019                Milestone: 2.000 Self-propelled sold