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Wolfgang Kreienbaum 2

Wolfgang Kreienbaum extends the general management board of SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH

(Tittmoning, September 15, 2017) Support in the SILOKING management board: With effect as of 1st September, Wolfgang Kreienbaum is the third general manager, responsible for the product area and supports the company in central tasks, from product development through production to logistics.

Since 2002, the graduate mechanical engineer held various management positions within the Kverneland Group and recently held the factory for baling presses in Ravenna, Italy. Before that, he was general manager of the Soest factory and in the course of the group consolidation, he subsequently took over the management responsibility for all factories of the business area from 2007. Further stages of his career lead him from production manager of the Krone and Lemken companies to the sought-after engineer in agricultural technology industry.

“In the last few months, SILOKING has succeeded in concluding the product development and market launch of the 4.0 ranges“, Wolfgang Kreienbaum said. “It is my aim to further increase efficiency at all production sites and to consolidate the high quality standard on a sustainable basis“, Wolfgang Kreienbaum continued.

Together with owner and general manager Georg Mayer and the general manager for financial accounting and human resources, Dr. Peter Schöttl, the new management trio will further extend the position of the company as the world’s leading feeding technology specialist.




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