100 times sold – one innovative, electric step ahead.

100 times sold – one innovative, electric step ahead.

(Tittmoning in September 2019) Since 2016, the innovation leader SILOKING has been the only manufacturer in the sector to sell efficient and real-world solutions with 100 % electric drive for traction and mixing and this way emphasizes their position in the market. After only 3 years, the company can register 100 sold units of the electrically driven machines that spread all over Europe, besides the main markets of Germany and Austria.

From innovation to serial product

The company offers a wide range of electric feeding technology under the brand e.0. The e.0 line includes the eTruck product range – self-propelled feed mixers with external loading and hopper capacities of 8, 10 and 14 m³ – as well as eSilokamm – self-propelled silage collection and distribution machines with hopper capacities of 3.6 and 4.2 m³.

The advantages of electric feeding are obvious: exhaust gases and noise are taboo. Animals and farmers benefit from the low-noise machine with 0 % emissions particularly in narrow and low-height barns. Noiseless feeding reduces the stress for the cows and therefore increases their well-being. The use on the outskirts and in holiday areas is optimal as neighbours or guests are not disturbed by the noise of a combustion engine.

Feeding can be planned

Lots of farms have renewable energy sources, such as a photovoltaic system on the hall roof. As feeding takes place 365 days a year, the machines of the e.0 line offer great potential for using and storing the electricity produced.

The fact that planning is possible 100 % comes as a great advantage. As feeding is always done at fixed times, the farmer can connect the machine to the power supply outside feeding times.

“The e.0 concept has established itself in the market after only a few years. The real-world aspect of electric feeding is demonstrated by the high demand”, SILOKING Sales Manager Sascha Behrend said. “Every day, our customers enjoy the operational reliability of the e.0 machines that are ready for series production“, Behrend continued.

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