SILOKING Data – simple and intelligent.


SILOKING Data is a combination of radio control of the weighing system and the hydraulic functions of the feed mixer with the Feeding Management.

(Tittmoning/Göttingen, September 21, 2016) Another new development to be presented at EuroTier is the radio-controlled weighing, control and documentation system SILOKING Data. Rations are planned on the basis of the new SILOKING Feeding Management Software (free of charge). Transfer of recipes to the SILOKING Terminal in the loading vehicle is done wireless via a local radio network.

The radio terminal with high-resolution color display is used to execute or change the stored recipes and to create new loading and unloading programs. With functional package “DATA E“, the terminal in the unloading vehicle is used to indicate the weight in the unloading mode and to control the electro-hydraulic functions as well. The company also offers “DATA T” version for control of the weighing system, where electro-hydraulic functions are controlled via the tractor control unit.


SILOKING Data immer im Blickfeld des Fahrers 960

A new dimension of feeding precision

The weighing system is equipped with a programming function as a standard. This way, the farmer can feed his herd precisely according to the recipe. Alternatively, he can use only the adding function where the system adds up the individual feed components loaded and displays the total weight in the feed mixer.

The weighing systems works via a wireless radio connection, which is another advantage for the farmer. The terminal is positioned so as to always be in the driver’s view. The operator can fill the feed mixer from either side, adapt the rations by pressing a key in the terminal or skip feed components. The use of a smartphone or a tablet for loading is available as an option.

“This makes for higher work efficiency, loading accuracy and of course user friendliness, compared with conventional weighing systems“, SILOKING sales manager Sascha Behrend said. “All of this saves time and costs for feeding.”


SILOKING Data Terminal 960

Conclusive documentation

The new SILOKING Feeding Management Software is free of charge and makes ration planning easy. The easy-to-use program enables you to comfortably create feed components, animal groups as well as loading and unloading programs on the PC. On the other side, the data collected during feeding are evaluated, thus increasing loading precision in a sustainable way. Transfer of updated data to the terminal is done via a local radio network or a standard USB stick.

And the new Feeding Management also allows for evaluating and documenting the feed consumption, feed costs as well as feed and concentrate efficiency.

“This is of major importance in order to meet any future requirements of dairies“, Sascha Behrend points out.

 For more information about SILOKING Data, visit the website

website siloking data en



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