SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 Assemblies in detail

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Mixing unit

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The SILOKING hopper geometry and the turbo auger are aligned perfectly, which provides for short mixing times while preserving the feed structure in an optimal way. The edged shape of the hopper slows down the feed moving in a circle and therefore supports the vertical mixing process.

The new planetary gearbox has been developed exclusively and only for use in SILOKING feed mixers. The gearbox with 4 planets and optimal gear reduction levels has been designed for the high performance expected from the feed mixer even under maximum load.



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The rugged square-bar frame is the basis for the robust SILOKING chassis. It has an extremely high load capacity and is torsion-resistant. Together with the special load cell casings, this offers perfect weighing accuracy, even on uneven ground and when the mixing hopper is fully loaded.

The cables of the weighing system are acid-resistant and they run tidily and safely in cable channels. A SILOKING quality feature for long life and consistently reliable operation of the machine.


Feed discharge

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A variety of SILOKING discharge options makes it possible to adapt feed discharge to any requirements in the barn:

SILOKING cross conveyor belt

  • A cross conveyor belt allows for depositing feed in a regular and wide feed swath so that feed to be pushed in later remains fresh.
  • Foldable conveyor belts at the cross conveyor belt

Discharge doors

  • Foldable conveyor belts at the discharge door
  • Heavy-duty discharge doors



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Combination of radio control of the weighing system and of the hydraulic functions with SILOKING Feeding Management:

  • wireless radio communication
  • use of smartphone, tablet or SILOKING Data terminal possible for
  • programmable weighing system as standard
  • control of electro-hydraulic functions (SILOKING Data E version)
  • incl. SILOKING Feeding Management Software (free of charge)
  • data always in the driver’s view, even in the loading vehicle

For more information on SILOKING Data, please visit the SILOKING Data Info website:



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SILONOX is a particularly hard-wearing solid stainless steel alloy with outstanding wear resistance. It is used exclusively for SILOKING feed mixing technology.

SILONOX Stempel englisch 600pxSILONOX elements on the sides and at the bottom of the discharge door as well as on the wedge-shaped hopper recesses are mounted as standard.

The following options are available:

  • SILONOX turbo auger flight wear protection
  • SILONOX hopper wall
  • SILONOX hopper wall lining, plate thickness 3 mm
  • SILONOX hopper bottom lining, plate thickness 6 mm







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