SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 Additional equipment

Independent wheel suspension

SILOKING SelfLine Premium 2215 22 Einzelradaufhaengung 600Comfortable driving even on poor roads

For difficult road conditions, the selfpropelled TMR mixer SelfLine Compact and the SelfLine Premium can be equipped with independent wheel suspension as an option – it is standard for SelfLine Premium 2215-22. In connection with a steering angle of 45° as well as large tires, the independent wheel suspension ensures consistently smooth running of the high-capacity self-propelled with poor road conditions and over longer distances on and between farms.


SILOKING Bedding belt

SILOKING SelfLine NIR Einstreuband 800Combination of feed discharge and large-distance bedding

The SILOKING Bedding belt offers the perfect combination for loose and wide feed discharge and large-distance bedding of cubicles with one machine only. The hydraulic adjustment of the angle and the speed is done via the multifunctional armrest.


Discharge conveyor chain

SILOKING SelfLine SHL Austragsförderer 600

  • The retractable discharge conveyor chain can work in every position and produces a regular feed discharge.
  • The discharge conveyor chain at rear left offers discharge of big feed amounts onto short feed tables.
  • Simultaneous two-sided feed discharge, e. g. with particularly narrow feed tables, is also possible.
  • The foldable discharge conveyor chain is used for feed discharge into higher troughs.














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