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For everyone who drives long distances or leaves the feed mixer loaded

SILOKING offers the SoftStart clutch as an option for the trailed vertical feed mixer model ranges of TrailedLine 4.0 Premium, Duo Avant and System 1000+. This hydraulic clutch especially developed for SILOKING Feed mixers is located between the planetary gearboxes of the individual mixing augers.
By starting only one auger – switching on the other auger(s) later – the drive requirement of the tractor can be reduced by up to 50 % (for vertical feed mixers with 3 augers by up to 66 %).


SILOKING Straw blower

Futtermischwagen SILOKING TrailedLine Compact 14 FBH Strohgebläse High-capacity straw blower with mechanical drive

The combination of mixing unit and straw blower allows for multiple use of the SILOKING feed mixer. The high-capacity straw blower distributes even long-fibred material exactly and to distant places in the barn. The integrated stone trap between the mixing hopper and the blower avoids stone chipping in the barn.


SILOKING Bedding belt

Futtermischwagen SILOKING EinstreubandCombination of feed discharge and large-distance bedding

The SILOKING Bedding belt offers the perfect combination for feed discharge and large-distance bedding of cubicle beds and cubicle housings.
Control of the bedding belt is carried out hydraulically, but it can also be carried out (electro-hydraulically) via SILOKING Data E as an option. As the bedding belt is swung under the cross conveyor belt, the vehicle width of the feed mixer is not changed.



Futtermischwagen SILOKING Funktionsablauf TwinLiftSliding cross conveyor belt with automatic height adjustment

This conveyor belt can be slid hydraulically to either side, and the outer end is lifted automatically by up to 50 cm. It is also possible to slide the belt horizontally via simple lever operation. This system is characterized by two-sided feed discharge into high troughs.









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