SILOKING extends the SelfLine System 1000+ range by models with 25 m³ and 27 m³ hopper capacity


The self-propelled vertical feed mixer features high operational reliability as well as long service life and proves itself when travelling on the road and in difficult terrain, even with maximal load.

(Göttingen / Tittmoning, September 20, 2018). At EuroTier, SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH presents the SelfLine 4.0 System 1000+ 3225-25 model to the professional public for the first time. The availability of models with 2 mixing augers and hopper capacities of 25 m³ or 27 m³ is new in this model range. With their 3-axle chassis, they are designed especially for maximum payload for road travel. Thanks to the 4-wheel drive, the machine copes well with unlevel terrain, slopes and bad weather conditions.


SILOKING SelfLine System 1000 25 800

High power of impact

The drive unit, a Volvo 6-cylinder engine, features a cylinder capacity of 7.7 litres and a power of 286 hp. Four powerful Bosch Rexroth hydrostats transmit the enormous engine power to the main components of the machine in a precise and efficient way. It offers also big savings as far as running costs are concerned, as the manufacturer has increased the standard maintenance interval from 500 to 1,000 operating hours.

The structure-gentle high-performance milling head makes it possible to load big amounts of feed from heights up to 5.5 m. The wide conveying channel ensures feed transport straight into the mixing hopper. There, the two turbo augers mix it quickly and regularly to produce a homogeneous mixed ration. Efficient discharge technology offers feed discharge in the barn within 90 seconds. This saves time and money.

“Lots of large dairy cattle farms feed 100 tonnes and more per day, on 365 days a year. Therefore, we have put the focus on maximum operational reliability when developing the machine. The assemblies used are designed for heavy use and long life“, SILOKING Sales Manager Sascha Behrend said.

Speed and flexibility

The XXL-self-propelled is equipped with a 3-axle chassis with air suspension as standard. 

The three axles reduce the load on the chassis, the tyres and the driveways, and thanks to the active steering of the front and rear axles, they offer a minimal turning radius of 7.7 m.

The 40-km/h version is mounted as standard and offers quick road travel between the farms, even with full load and in accordance with German road regulations (StVZO).

Easy work by pushing a button

Instead of several individual actions, the discharge management function requires only one push of a button on the multifunctional armrest to execute several hydraulic functions automatically, such as the functions “Extend discharge belt“, “Switch on discharge belt” and “Open discharge door”.

“The complete package including the 3-axle chassis, the engine and hydraulic drive and the compact dimensions of the 2-auger mixing hopper makes the newly developed machine powerful, versatile and unique on the market“, Sascha Behrend said.

EuroTier Hall 27, Stand F40