Softstart clutch for SILOKING TrailedLine – Less drive requirement and less wear


The demand for high-capacity vertical feed mixers is on the rise particularly due to the increasing number of farms with several barns or locations. During longer driving distances between silo and barn or if the feed mixer is not immediately unloaded the feed inside the mixing hopper may compact. This results in a high starting torque requirement when starting the two to three mixing augers which highly strains the tractor’s PTO clutch. Furthermore a tractor with rather high engine power is required for the start.

SILOKING TrailedLine Softstart 600


Drive requirement reduced by 50-66 %

To accommodate the often limited drive power of the tractor and to preserve the PTO clutch while starting the mixing augers, SILOKING offers the Softstart clutch as an option for the large vertical feed mixer model ranges TrailedLine Duo, Duo Avant and System 1000+. This new hydraulic clutch, especially developed for SILOKING feed mixers in collaboration with the clutch manufacturer, is located between the planetary gearboxes of the individual mixing augers. By starting only one mixing auger – the other auger is manually switched on later depending on the feed weight – the drive requirement of the tractor can be reduced by up to 50 % (for models with 3 augers by up to 66 %).


Improved emptying of the mixing hopper

Another essential advantage is that it is not required to declutch or upshift for unloading the hopper quickly and completely. The mixing augers can be driven at the high switching step immediately when starting as the power requirement of the tractor decreases by the delayed starting of the second and third mixing auger.


Preserving drive and feed components

By reducing the power requirement, SILOKING’s novel Softstart clutch accordingly reduces fuel costs. Tractors with low engine power can be used. The tractor’s PTO clutch is preserved as well as the feed components which will not mush at the second and third auger.


Keeping the costs in view

Another plus are the costs of purchase for the Softstart clutch which are clearly lower than the costs for a power shift gear.