Innovation: 100 % electric self-propelled feed mixer with external loading.

SILOKING TruckLine Compact 8 5 600The SILOKING TruckLine 4.0 Compact 8 is a self-propelled feed mixer with 100 % electric drive for mixing, transporting and dosing feed with 8 m³ hopper capacity.

(Tittmoning, Nov. 15, 2016) The feeding technology specialists from Tittmoning present another innovation at EuroTier 2016. SILOKING is the first manufacturer of machines of this size to have developed a self-propelled feed mixer with 100 % electric drive and external loading: the SILOKING TruckLine 4.0 Compact 8. With a hopper capacity of 8 m³, the machine can be used for mixing, transporting and dosing feed.



SILOKING TruckLine Compact 8 3 600

Drive – 100 % electric

The traction drive and the mixing drive of the SILOKING TruckLine 4.0 are ensured 100 % electrically via a high-performance battery. The mixing drive of 15 kW makes it possible to break up round bales without any problems, produce a homogeneous mix as well as ensure quick unloading. The traction drive is integrated into the front axle and equipped with a strong motor of 18 kW, to perfectly master even ascents. The infinitely variable control allows for driving speeds up to 25 km/h.


Driving comfort

The well-arranged and spacious driver’s cab offers excellent all-round visibility. The screens in the driver’s view provide information on machine functions, the weighing system and a view backwards when reversing.

Loading the machine is done via the wireless radio-controlled weighing system SILOKING Data. The weighing data are simply transferred to the terminal in the loading vehicle via the radio network and are therefore always in the driver’s view.



SILOKING TruckLine Compact 8 8 600

Maximum flexibility and efficiency

One batter charge is sufficient for three mixes for up to 100 dairy cows plus heifers. For any higher requirements, a heavy-duty battery for up to 5 mixing cycles per day is available as an option.

”With a feed mixer with all-electric drive, the company makes one step further towards the future and offers the farmer a lot of benefits. For example, the operational and maintenance costs are reduced as there is no need for diesel“, SILOKING’s managing director Georg Mayer said.

”An integration of renewable energies is particularly efficient in the area of indoor livestock systems“, Georg Mayer continued.

The purchase of the TruckLine is particularly interesting for farms with existing loading technology, such as operators of biogas plants who also have bulls or dairy cows. Looking further, farmers can use the energy from photovoltaics, biogas plants or wind power to load the TruckLine.


SILOKING TruckLine Compact 8 4 600

High performance and maneuverability

With a length of 6,350 mm, a width of 2,280 mm and a height of 2,250 mm only, it is designed especially for farms with narrow barns and low constructions. Its rear steering with a minimal turning radius also comes as an advantage here.

The machine is commercially availabe from the 2nd quarter of 2017.