SILOKING TruckLine e.0 eTruck 1408

SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 1 800


100 % electric

  • Self-propelled feed mixer, external loading
  • 8 m³ - 14 m³ hopper capacity
  • 100 % electric drive for traction and mixing


Self-propelled 1-auger vertical feed mixer, external loading, for particularly narrow barns with low heights, with 8 m³. 100 % electric drive for traction and mixing via battery.

SILOKING TruckLine 4.0 Compact 8 is a self-propelled feed mixer with 100 % electric drive and a hopper capacity of 8 m³. The TruckLine is used for mixing, transporting and dosing feed.


SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 5 800

Target group for e.0 eTruck 1408:

  • Farms with narrow barns and low-height constructions
  • One battery charge is sufficient for 3 mixes (up to 100 dairy cows plus heifers)
  • Ideal for farms with existing loading technology, such as operators of biogas plants who also have bulls or dairy cows
  • Very suitable for breaking up round bales
  • Mechanizing in cattle feeding




SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 4 800


  • One machine for mixing, transporting and presenting feed
  • Low operational costs (no diesel consumption, possibility to use renewable energies)
  • Repeated feed presentation is easy to realize
  • Compact and highly maneuverable machine also for old buildings, farms with confined conditions and new barns





SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 8 800


  • Operational reliability thanks to proven components from applications in electric industry and tried & tested SILOKING mixing technology
  • Easy maintenance, as 80 V DC voltage battery
  • Fulfilling German road regulations (StVZO)
  • Breaking up of round bales and various feed components without any problems




SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 12 800


  • 100 % electric drive for traction and mixing through wireless battery operation
  • Precise and comfortable loading with SILOKING Data
  • Clean, zero-emission, noiseless






SILOKING TruckLine eTruck 1408 3 800


  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • User-friendly and well-arranged driver’s cab
  • 100 % homogeneous mixing with 8 m³ mixing hopper (optimal ratio of mixing hopper to mixing auger)




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SILOKING TruckLine e.0 eTruck 1408








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